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Why does the temperature of the cold water tank of the laser marking machine fail?

Date:2018-10-16 11:09:32 Number of visits:
When some users use the laser marking machine, the temperature of the cooling water tank of the laser marking machine may not drop down. Why does the temperature of the cooling water tank of the laser marking machine not drop down? Today, Da Hsin Hua fiber laser marking machine Xiaobian to brief you.
1. Measure the temperature of the water tank by hand or thermometer to make sure the thermometer and the temperature display system of the water tank are in trouble.
2, to ensure that the water cooler fan network debris, dust has not been cleaned up.
3. Ask air-conditioning experts or maintenance personnel to measure whether the pressure of the chiller is enough and whether there is a possibility of leakage.
4. If it is an old machine, then please carefully check the cooling capacity of the chiller and the type of laser matching, the matching principle is as follows: the general use of semiconductor 50W refrigeration capacity of 1200W or more, semiconductor 75W of the use of refrigeration capacity of 1500W or more, and 100W of semiconductor laser use more than 2000W of refrigeration. The cooling capacity of 30W RF metal tube marking machine is 300W, 50W is 600W, and 100W CO2 laser marking machine is 1200W.
5. Finally, the outlet and inlet position of the chiller should be at least 1 meter away from the wall to facilitate heat dissipation.
The above is the content of Xiaobian finishing of Da Xin Hua fiber laser marking machine, hoping to help you! Daxinhua laser production and sales of optical fiber laser marking machine, optical fiber laser welding machine, free technical guidance, free samples. Welcome to inquire /en/