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Analysis and precautions of laser tube for CO2 laser marking machine

Date:2018-10-15 09:50:03 Number of visits:
CO2 laser marking machine mainly consists of three parts: hard glass, resonant cavity and electrode. Today, Daxinhua optical fiber laser marking machine to brief you, CO2 laser marking machine laser tube analysis and matters needing attention.
1. Hard glass part; this part consists of discharge tube, water-cooled sleeve, gas storage sleeve and return pipe made of GG17 material. Sealed off CO2 laser is usually made of three layers of bushing. The inner part is the discharge tube, the middle part is the water purifying sleeve, the outer part is the gas storage sleeve, and the return pipe is used to connect the discharge tube and the gas storage pipe.
2. resonant cavity part: this component consists of a full mirror and an output reflector. The reflectivity of the mirror is over 98% near 10.6um. The output mirror of the resonator is usually made of the infrared material Ge, which can transmit 10.6um radiation.
3. Electrode: CO2 laser generally uses a cold cathode, the shape of cylindrical, cathode material selection has a great impact on the life of the laser, the basic requirements of the cathode material are: low sputtering rate, low gas absorption rate.
For the CO2 laser marking machine, the quality and performance of the laser tube directly affect the efficiency of the CO2 laser marking machine, which is also one of the most important parts of the CO2 laser marking machine. The general CO2 laser marking machine is usually made of hard glass, and generally adopts layer sleeve type structure. The inner layer is the discharge tube, the second layer is the water cooling casing, and the outer layer is the storage pipe. The diameter of the discharge tube of CO2 laser is thicker than that of He-Ne laser tube. Generally speaking, the size of the discharge tube has no effect on the output power, mainly considering the diffraction effect caused by the size of the spot, which should be determined according to the length of the tube. The length of the pipe is thicker and the tube is shorter and thinner. The length of the discharge tube is directly proportional to the output power. Within a certain length of length, the output power per meter discharge tube length increases with the total length. The purpose of adding cold water jacket is to cool the working gas and stabilize the output power.
The discharge pipe is connected with the gas storage pipe at both ends, that is, a small hole at one end of the gas storage pipe is connected with the discharge pipe, and a spiral return pipe is connected with the discharge pipe at the other end, so that the gas circulates in the discharge pipe and the gas in the gas storage pipe is exchanged at any time. It is widely used in acrylic, plastic products and other non-metallic marking, engraving; and developed to the ability of low carbon steel plating marking. CO2 lasers are also used in automated systems for flexible circuit boards and diaphragm polyimide and polyester sheets of electronic instruments.
CO2 laser marking machine laser tube matters needing attention
First, please switch on the cooling water, adopt the principle of low inlet and high outlet, adjust the position of the outlet pipe to ensure that the cooling water is filled with the cooling pipe, there is no bubbles in the pipe, and then turn on the power supply. Requirements: Cooling water use soft water (distilled water or pure water), and often pay attention to the water temperature of cooling water, water temperature should be controlled in the range of 25 30 C, not too high or too low, especially in summer, once found that the water temperature is too high, should be replaced in time or shut down for a period of time: cold area cooling water should not freeze, Especially after the laser shutdown, the cooling water should not be stored in the laser tube, so as to avoid the cooling water freezing and bursting. (pay special attention to: users who use alternating current, the cooling water tank must be grounded);
2. The two supporting points of the laser tube should be at the point of 1/4 of the total length of the laser tube to ensure the flow of cooling water in 2L-4L/min; Otherwise, the effect is not good, will cause jumping mode, spot change a few points lead to power decline; Cooling water return nozzle in the tank must be flooded, otherwise the cooling water in the laser tube is not filled with water every time the machine is turned off. Elephants.
3. Attention should be paid to protecting the output window of the laser, avoiding the smog from splashing on the surface of the output window during the operation (including the process of adjusting the optical path), preventing the outer surface of the output window from being polluted and the power will drop. At this time, the outer surface of the output window can be gently wiped with degreased cotton or silk cloth dipped in anhydrous alcohol.
4. In the process of debugging, by adjusting the laser support point or rotating the laser azimuth, to achieve the best output effect, and then fix the laser.
5. Be sure to avoid the accumulation of dust near the high-voltage electrode, to keep dry, the high-voltage end as far away from the metal as possible, in order to prevent high-voltage fire discharge.
6. In the process of using the laser, no scale can be formed in the cooling pipe, so as to avoid the blockage of cooling water and the worse heat dissipation effect. Once discovered, 20% of diluted hydrochloric acid can be used to clean the cooling pipe and remove scale.
Seven, lasers are glass products, fragile. When installed, avoid local force.
8. Rationalize the application of laser tubes to save laser energy. The optimum operating current of laser tubes is 16 mA.
The above is the content of Xiaobian finishing of Da Xin Hua fiber laser marking machine, hoping to help you! Daxinhua laser production and sales of optical fiber laser marking machine, optical fiber laser welding machine, free technical guidance, free samples. Welcome to inquire /en/