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Laser industry chain and related processing and application analysis

Date:2018-10-13 13:37:51 Number of visits:
As we all know, with the maturity of laser equipment, laser can be used in various industries, today Daxinhua laser marking machine to brief you on the laser industry chain and related processing application analysis.
Laser processing industry chain situation is also clear, from the upstream production of core laser enterprises to the production of various types of laser processing equipment enterprises to laser processing services enterprises, forming a complete ecological chain of laser processing. With its excellent processing performance and high efficiency, more and more advanced manufacturing industries in the production of laser processing equipment can be seen.
From a global perspective, the largest share of the laser industry is the laser processing-based communications semiconductor processing and advanced materials processing, both occupy nearly 80% of the laser market share. Under the background of Made in China 2025, the traditional industrial manufacturing industry is facing a deep transformation. One of its core is to improve efficiency while turning to industrial manufacturing with higher added value and higher technical barriers. Laser processing is fully in line with this theme. Laser and laser processing equipment are mainly used in the production and processing of consumer electronic touch screen, semiconductor LED wafer scribing, automotive industry and so on. It has a bright application prospect.
Consumer Electronics Industry: With the development of global economy and the improvement of national income level, smart phone tablet computer has become an indispensable device in human life, so the touch screen consumer demand led to the development of laser processing industry. Traditional machining tools can not achieve the desired precision in some parts of the touch screen processing, thus creating an opportunity for the application of laser precision machining. Laser processing equipment will be laser cutting, laser etching, laser drilling and other modern laser processing technology used in the touch screen precision processing, greatly improving the physical and chemical properties of the touch screen laser.
From the global and Chinese smartphone shipments, smartphone shipments and into the era of inventory competition, performance and user experience will be the next stage of the theme, laser processing is expected to usher in a stronger demand for consumer electronics processing.
Semiconductor industry: Laser processing equipment is mainly used in the scribing process of LED chips. It is mainly used to scribing the wafers of LED chips through laser to form cutting grooves, and then splitting them into independent chips. Laser processing equipment is an important device for processing LED chips. With the further implementation of the national "semiconductor lighting energy-saving industrial planning" and other policies, LED industry will bring greater demand for the laser processing industry.
Automobile industry: In the automobile industry of developed countries, 50-70% of the parts and components are processed by laser. Laser processing technology is playing an increasingly important role in improving the R&D and manufacturing level of automobile industry. The automobile industry is stepping into the lean production stage which can carry out flexible processing according to the requirements of users. The flexible modular production mode has appeared in the automobile industry. The modern automobile industry is also developing towards the direction of high-tech technology. The automobile technology is undergoing the transformation from traditional mechanical manufacturing technology to advanced manufacturing technology. Laser processing technology has injected vitality into the development and production of automobiles.
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